Scott Mulligan, SE Email Form

Senior Associate Engineer

Scott is most complimented on his responsiveness and recognition of urgency. His varied background enables him to help clients solve problems relating to unforeseen conditions to create a seamless project experience. Scott enjoys working with clients who are present and collaborative, and who have a clear vision and direction of their goals for the project. He has stated he “knows a little bit about a lot of things”, and has a reputation for being positive and optimistic. Most people know about Scott’s ability to juggle multiple projects and his invention of the renowned Buehler beer-30, but what isn’t as well known is his actual ability to juggle and his mastery in the Street Fighter 2 video game.

Joined Buehler


Childhood dream job

Architect or trumpet player

Biggest accomplishment

Working on the IGT Las Vegas project

Dream vacation destination


Is known for

Being awesome

Top of your playlist

New Found Glory