Los Angeles Department of Transportation Parking Structure Evaluations

Los Angeles, CA

The concept of resiliency has become a priority to many building owners in Los Angeles. As conscientious building owners, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation required evaluation of all eleven of their parking structures for seismic safety. The parking structures located throughout the Los Angeles area range in size, age and type of construction. Due to the variances of all of the structures, expertise was required across the full structural spectrum to evaluate them. Extensive ASCE 41 studies were completed on the structures to identify how they might perform in a seismic event. This was followed up with extensive collaboration on the deficient structures to develop potential solutions to maximize future performance. 

Quick Facts

  • Size: Varies
  • The oldest parking structure evaluated is a 1950s braced frame building using double angle and channel braces
  • Construction Cost: TBD

Photo credit: Psomas and Buehler Engineering, Inc.