Napa County Courthouse Earthquake Damage Assessment

Napa, CA

The August 24, 2014 Napa Earthquake caused severe damage to this circa 1878 two-story courthouse.  This historic County of Napa structure was constructed with un-reinforced masonry interior and exterior bearing walls. Earthquake damage included partial collapse, bulging, cracking and displacement to these wall elements. Initial post-earthquake assessment by OES evaluators red tagged this as well as the adjacent Courthouse Annex Addition and Hall of Records. The team including Buehler responded with immediate action to provide temporary stabilization design and weatherization. This was followed with more detailed assessment of the damaged structures.  The initial efforts allowed for the re-opening the Courthouse Annex Addition and Hall of Records. A final report was issued allowing the County to proceed with the final design and construction.  

Quick Facts

  • Size: 16,000 SF
  • Architect: AECOM / Nacht & Lewis / Carey & Co.
  • The earthquake occured at 3:20 am and was magnitude 6.0. An acceleration in excess of 1.0G occurred in the northeast direction at an angle 30 degrees upward from horizontal.
  • Construction Cost: $2,000,000
  • Contractor: Nyecon Construction, Inc.

Photo credit: Buehler Engineering, Inc.