Nick Herskedal, SE Email Form

Senior Associate Engineer

Nick joined our team in 2017 and has been a star from day one. He is passionate about structures and finding creative solutions both at work and in his personal life. Nick is extremely personable and enjoys building relationships with contractors and architects, especially during the preliminary design phase when he can work with others to implement ideas. When he’s not at work, Nick likes to let out more creativity whether it be through his knack for photography or DIY projects, such as completely renovating his house or beautifully composed black and white photography. Nick looks forward to working with clients who want to design structurally unique buildings, in which he can work to provide show stopping solutions.

Joined Buehler


Favorite movie

The Fifth Element

Proudest professional accomplishment

The High End Tech Headquarters

Favorite activity outside of work

Keeping busy finding more hobbies

First job

Rock climbing instructor

Ride or die sports team