Marti Martin Email Form

Senior Associate | Office Manager

Marti embodies everything about our Buehler brand, and works hard to make sure our clients know it too! She collaborates with all of the offices to make sure our culture and image is cohesive with our company goals. Marti excels at juggling a number of projects at a time, and no matter how busy she is, brings an unstoppable energy to the task at hand. Outside of the office, Marti enjoys getting outside into nature and also creates abstract paintings in her spare time. Marti is eager to connect with clients who are open to trying new approaches and looking at problems from different perspectives. She hopes that when people think of her, they say “Let’s get her on this team!”.

Favorite activity outside of work

Sailing, hunting, wood chopping, mountain biking, dog training

First job

(unpaid) Sports Trainer/ankle taper and (paid) English Teacher in Korea

Childhood dream job

Detective, Veterinarian or Artist, depending on the week.

#1 bucket list item

Pack trip on horseback in the Trinity Alps

Biggest pet peeve

Slow walkers, people who litter, or people who hog the side walk

Top of your playlist

Chris Stapleton or Ray Lamontagne