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Eric is passionate about taking something old and making it new, whether that be through renovating existing buildings, or providing elegant solutions to complex problems. He is often complimented on how his finished products are complete and thorough, focused on providing the most efficient answers to client questions. In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors, hiking, restoring old homes, and repurposing old wood into something beautiful. He aims to leave an impression on others as someone who is passionate about the art of engineering, and someone who never forgets to take a moment to enjoy life.

Joined Buehler


Childhood dream job

Constructing things other people can use

Biggest accomplishment

Rising to be a Principal within Buehler

Dream vacation destination

New York

Is known for

His handwriting

Top of your playlist

(70's) Doobie Brothers, (80's) U2, (90's) The The, (00's) Dave Brubeck & Miles Davis