Brian Wiens, SE Email Form

Associate Principal

Brian is an energetic leader who believes that a successful career can be measured by both your clients and your projects.  He feels that the success of a project comes from a good team rather than the grandiosity of the project. He is a big picture thinker who is patient and adheres to the commitments he makes to clients. A recent professional accomplishment was being the lead project engineer on Roseville City Hall Annex, the first USRC Platinum rated building in the country. Brian always tries to consider each project in its entirety, not just the structure, to ensure the project’s overall success.

Joined Buehler


Childhood dream job

Despite my athletic deficiencies, I dreamed of being in the NBA or MLB

Biggest accomplishment

This last year has been watching the re-construction of the almost 150-year-old Bridgeport Bridge

Ride or die sports team

Golden State Warriors

Top of your playlist

I’ve been enjoying Tyler Childers and Rainbow Kitten Surprise as of late - my rotation changes somewhat frequently

Is known for

Being tall