Steven's Creek Parking Structure

San Jose, CA

Buehler partnered with Clark Pacific to design a structure that reflects modern architecture and efficiently serves its purpose with 470 stalls. The design displays a high level of collaboration as the integrated design allowed for a seamless transition in construction between design components. The structure consists of precast double tees spanning to precast beams and columns. At the building perimeter, a unique design approach was utilized with double beams. Precast beams were erected utilizing perimeter cast-in-place moment frame beams that used existing precast gravity beams as forms allow to facilitate erection and to keep the interior of the structure free of shear walls.  

Quick Facts

  • Size: 160,000 SF
  • Architect: Clark Pacific
  • The unique shape of the structure was driven by the odd lot shape adjacent to Interstate 280
  • Construction Cost: $12,000,000
  • Contractor: Vance Brown Construction

Photo credit: Bernard Andre