The Ameswell Hotel

Mountain View, CA

With views of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Silicon Valley, a new upper tier select service hotel and conference center has been added to the Moffett Gateway site. As part of a campus that includes an office building and parking garage, the 5-story hotel is centrally located next to the 101 and 85 freeways.  The hotel has approximately 255 guest rooms and includes components such as a pool, fitness room, conference center, restaurant, and other amenities. Due to soil conditions on the former Superfund site, the foundation consists of a mat foundation with vapor mitigation. 

Quick Facts

  • Size: 170,000 SF
  • Architect: WRNS Studio (shell); RYS Architects (interior)
  • Construction of this project required the use of all primary building material types – wood, steel, concrete, CMU and light gauge
  • Construction Cost: $40,000,000
  • Contractor: Johnstone Moyer, Inc.