First building to receive USRC Platinum rating

March 2017

As a Founding Member of the U.S. Resiliency Council (USRC), Buehler is committed to helping establish and implement a building rating system to provide building owners guidance on expected performance in natural and man-made disasters, and to educate our communities about the vulnerability of the built environment. We are honored to have developed the structural design for the first-ever USRC rated project which earned the Platinum designation!     

The Roseville City Hall Annex was initially designed as a steel structure; however, after schematic design, the project's design and construction team determined that switching to a precast concrete structure would result in key benefits for the City. The benefits of precast concrete include increased flexibility for space layout by removing interior columns, a shorter construction schedule, and improved performance. The architectural facade doubles as a redundant structural system incorporating self-centering precast concrete hybrid moment-resisting frames which provide a higher level of seismic performance by reducing earthquake damage and therefore recovery time after a seismic event. The building achieved USRC's Platinum Earthquake rating, the highest rating level possible. 

Pictured from left to right: Mark Cirksena/DPR Construction; Curtis Owyang/LPAS; Carol Garcia, 2016 Mayor/City of Roseville; Farid Ibrahim/Clark Pacific; (back row) Brian Wiens/Buehler; Bonnie Gore, 2017 Vice Mayor/City of Roseville