WC Overfelt High School New Music, Arts, Administration Facility and Quad

San Jose, CA

This design-build project was completed in 2020 with Flint Builders, JK Architecture Partnership, and Artik Art + Architecture. It consisted of remodeling various spaces in existing buildings, complete renovation of the main exterior quad of the campus, and the construction of a new one-story 26,000 SF mixed-use building. The facility is designed as a community hub to bring people together to celebrate the arts and provide family support services. The new building provides space for a theater, social gathering areas, administration, and classrooms for the W.C. Overfelt High School Campus located in San Jose, California.

Quick Facts

  • Size: 26,000 SF
  • Architect: JK Architecture Partnership and Artik Art + Architecture
  • Preserving the existing wood building required a creative solution, and was critical as the "technological brains" (servers) of the campus were housed in the structure and had to remain operational throughout the project.
  • Construction Cost: $25,600,000
  • Contractor: Flint Builders

The new building incorporates an existing 3,100 SF wood-framed building by modernizing, seismically retrofitting, and expanding the structure by approximately 1,300 SF. The remainder of the building consists of an approximately 21,500 SF steel-framed portion of the building.